Billing Policies and Guidelines

Please refer to the Billing Policy and Guidelines below to ensure you understand our Payment, PHI and Billing policies, and that you have provided the information necessary to process your collection.

Billing Policy and Guidelines | PHI Billing Form

Physicians Lab Billing Made Simple

Physicians Lab makes it simple and easy for you to pay for any laboratory services that may be your responsibility after your insurance company processes your claim. Additionally, when you provide credit card information, prior to insurance submission, Physicians Lab can extend the SurePay Program to your lab order and provide flexibility to your out-of-pocket responsibility. If your insurance provider indicates that you do not have a balance due, your credit card will not be charged and at no time will any funds be held.

Physicians Lab SurePay Program

SurePay is Physicians Lab’s insurance billing program that takes the hassle and risk out of using insurance plans to cover lab testing. By participating in the SurePay program, patients have the ability to use insurance to cover a portion or all of your lab testing along with being offered flexible and affordable payment options.*

*Insurance coverage is determined by provider.

How do I participate in the SurePay Program?

To participate in the program and avoid being billed the full list price for lab testing, patient should make certain to complete all of the following steps:

  • Pay the $99 SurePay Program fee/deposit (If you have a patient responsibility, the $99 will be deducted from the final amount due)
  • Provide a legible copy of valid insurance card (both front and back)
  • Make certain that the credit card on file with Physicians Lab is valid
  • If you receive insurance payments directly, endorse any payments to Physicians Lab and send payments, along with EOB to Physicians Lab at 4850 T-Rex Avenue, Suite 150, Boca Raton, Fl 33431
What payment am I responsible for?

The amount charged to you upfront will be $99 and any additional balance will vary depending on your insurance coverage. Physicians Lab is an out-of network provider, your insurance company may send you a check for our services. It is your responsibility to forward this check to us using the address provided above.

The charges shown in the below example may vary from insurance coverage and may not apply directly to your balance.

Example Test: The list price for testing is $2,000 and we will submit this amount to your insurance provider. Your responsibility on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is $1,500. *If you’re enrolled in the “SurePay” Program, you will receive a statement for $1,500 but we ask that you please call us directly to work out payment.

*This is an example and may not reflect your actual responsibility for payment of laboratory testing.

Will my credit card be charged immediately?

Only the $99 fee will be charged right away. After the claim has been processed by your insurance company, you may receive a statement or an EOB for the patient responsibility. Once we have spoken with you to work out payment for any additional balance due your credit card will be charged the amount that you are responsible for.** This process can vary from 4–12 weeks depending on your insurance plan.

**If you are not submitting to your insurance we will contact you for payment after we receive your testing kit.

How do I provide my credit card information?

You may provide your credit card information on the Patient Health Information (PHI) Form included in your testing kit, or by calling our Billing Support Team at 800-525-4052.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, we continually strive to protect and secure patient information.

How can I get more information?

For any additional questions, please contact our Billing Support Team at 800-525-4052.