T. J. de Villiers , M. L. S. Gass * , C. J. Haines † , J. E. Hall ‡ , R. A. Lobo * * , D. D. Pierroz † † and M. Rees ‡
The past 10 years saw much confusion regarding the use of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). New evidence challenged previously accepted clinical guidelines, especially on aspects of safety and disease prevention. This led to many women unnecessarily being denied the use of MHT.
Detailed revised guidelines were published and regularly updated by the major regional menopause societies. The confusion was initially escalated by significant differences amongst published guidelines. In recent revisions, the differences have become much less. In view of this, The International Menopause Society took the initiative to arrange a round-table discussion, in November 2012, between representatives of the major regional menopause societies to reach consensus on core recommendations regarding MHT. The aim was to produce a short document in bullet-point style, only containing the points of consensus. It is acknowledged that, in view of the global variance of disease and regulatory restrictions, these core recommendations do not replace the more detailed and fully referenced recommendations prepared by individual national and regional societies. This document serves to emphasize international consensus regarding MHT and is aimed at empowering women and healthcare practitioners in the appropriate use of MHT.
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