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Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Physicians Lab was created to serve two purposes: provide state-of-the-art science to a growing number of physicians focusing on preventive medicine and wellness for the aging population, as well as deliver superior solutions to physician practices and patients, who are actively seeking to manage their health through innovations in technology and preventive medicine. Physicians Lab delivers accurate and reliable results, while providing the tools necessary to complete convenient, affordable, error-free, and timely lab testing.

Urine testing from Physicians Lab offers the most accurate results for free hormones and metabolites in the body. Physicians Labs’ unique method of collecting urine five times a day is a simple way to normalize the fluctuations that most patients experience in hormone levels throughout the day (known as circadian rhythm). Instead of analyzing a snapshot of a patient’s total hormone level at a moment in time with blood, urine testing throughout the day presents a larger picture to the physician of a patient’s overall hormone balance.