State of the Art Science

Precise and Convenient Testing

Physicians Lab uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide you with precise and reliable results. With expert clinical and R&D teams, Physicians Lab incorporates the latest technologies into lab processes. We spare no time, effort, or expense in our lab so that you can feel confident about your patient’s results.

Physicians Lab relies on LC/MS/MS Technology. This intricate instrumentation is unequivocally the finest instrument to quantitatively measure and distinguish analytes of similar structures, masses, and binding behaviors; including steroid hormones and metabolomics. Physicians Lab also leverages the power of ELISA instrumentation, covering a wide array of sample matrices and assays. Furthermore, we automate every part of the process with controlled software, liquid handlers, and sample preparation devices. With rigorous QA and QC systems automated by artificial intelligence, our systems are able to identify issues before they happen. All of our instruments have redundant partners, to minimize lab interruptions or delays due to instrument maintenance or outages.