Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Physicians Lab? Wondering if you can use your insurance? Want to know when your physician will have your results? Are you having trouble logging in? Find all the answers here.

Why Urine instead of Blood or Saliva?

Do I have to have a prescription to order a hormone test?
Yes. We must receive a request for testing from a physician in order to process your labs. Please have your physician contact us at 877-316-8686 if you would like to have a test kit ordered.

How are samples returned to the laboratory for testing?
Shipping samples back to the lab is simple and easy. Place your refrigerated samples and frozen ice-pack back into the original packaging and send it back inside the pre-addressed shipping bag provided in your kit and drop the package into any FedEx drop-box prior to the last pick-up of the day.

Will you bill my insurance carrier?
Physicians Lab will file an out-of-network insurance claim for you with your insurance company and upon request. For billing question, please call 800-525-4052

What forms of payment do you accept?
Physicians Lab accepts all major credit cards, debit Cards, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Saving Accounts.

Can I still take supplements, hormones or medications when testing?
Please refer to the instructions enclosed in your testing kit for details on which medications and supplements should be continued or altered. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service at 877-316-8686.

In what order do I collect my samples?
Please view our collection instructions. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service at 877-316-8686.

I ate or drank before collecting my samples – are they still valid to send in?
We do not have any fasting requirements so you may eat before or after your collections. However, your fluid intake should be limited to what is specified on your collection instructions (included inside of your test kit). In the event that the sample collection is deemed unacceptable, Physicians Lab will send you another kit (in which you may incur a shipping and handling charge).

What do I do after I collect my samples?
Refrigerate your samples and when you are ready to return them (as soon as possible), place your completed forms and tubes back into the box we provided and into the pre-labeled FedEx envelope for return shipment and drop the package into any FedEx drop-box prior to the last pick-up of the day.

I did not keep my urine sample cold following collection. Can I still send it in?
Yes, as long as the samples were refrigerated within 12 hours of collection.

If I am sick, should I wait until I am well to collect my samples?
It is not recommended to collect testing when you are sick, however, most illnesses and medications will not adversely affect the results. Certain anti-inflammatory medications can impact your Cortisol results (which may lead to a recollection) and some medications that are taken vaginally or applied to the genitals could alter the results so we suggest you wait until you are feeling better and not on any of these medications to collect your samples.

If I am on antibiotics, should I still collect?
Antibiotics do not alter hormone testing, however, we often suggest that patients wait to perform hormone testing until they are feeling better whenever possible. If you are on antibiotics for a UTI, we advise that you do not test until you have been cleared by your physician.

Can I collect samples at any time during my menstrual cycle?
If you are still cycling, there are a few tests that must be collected during a specified window of time during your cycle. The OPTIMAL time of collection is 7-days before your expected period, however, there is a 3-day window so women who still experience periods can collect 6,7 or 8 days before the expected period. Menopausal women and men may collect at any time during the month. You may also use the mobile web tools and have the best date chosen for you based on your last period.

Can I do testing if I am pregnant or nursing?
Although testing can be performed during pregnancy and/or nursing, hormones and vitamin levels are greatly affected during these stages. Please consult with your physician to make sure he/she is aware that you are pregnant/nursing before testing.

Can I drink alcoholic beverages?
No, alcohol is a diuretic and will make it more difficult to hold your urine.

Can I exercise while collecting?
Yes, but heavy weight lifting should be avoided on the day of testing. Also, keep in mind you are on a fluid restriction. You shouldn’t over exert yourself while collecting.