Video Tutorials and Education

Educational Videos

Why Hormone Metabolites? Part I:
Assess Primary Hormone Levels


Why Hormone Metabolites? Part II:
Assess Steroidogenic Pathway Balances


Hormones 101


Assessing Estrogen & Progesterone


What Are You Missing? Urine Over Serum


What Are You Missing? Urine Over Saliva


The Importance of Blood and Urine Testing


Cortisol in Urine vs. Cortisol in Saliva


Dr. Chris Davis:
Why to Use Physicians Lab


Dr. Chris Davis:
Which Hormone Profile to Order


Dr. Chris Davis:
The Importance of Cortisol Metabolites


Dr. Marissa Magsino:
Estrogen Pathway Case Study


Dr. Marissa Magsino:
The Benefits of Estrogen Metabolites


Provider Training Videos

Interpreting the
Entire Report


Interpreting the Report Part 1:
Ratios and Totals


Interpreting the Report Part 2:
Estrogen and Progesterone


Interpreting the Report Part 3:


Interpreting the Report Part 4:
HPA-Axis and Balance


Interpreting the Report Part 5:
Summary and Symptom Charts


Case Study-Female: Estrogen Dominance with Low Estradiol


Case Study-Female: Interruptions in Phase I Estrogen Metabolites


Urinary Estrogen & Progesterone Assessment


Metabolic Performance Profile