Urine Testing

Advanced Urinary Hormone Testing

Not only is urinary testing quickly becoming the preferred method of testing by physicians specializing in hormone treatments, it has become an integral cornerstone of assessment and monitoring hormone replacement therapy protocols. 

Urine testing from Physicians Lab offers the most accurate results for free hormones and metabolites in the body. Physicians Labs’ unique method of collecting urine five times a day is a simple way to normalize the fluctuations that most patients experience in hormone levels throughout the day (known as circadian rhythm).

Instead of analyzing a snapshot of a patient’s total hormone level at a moment in time with blood, or over a 15 minute period with saliva, urine testing throughout the day presents a larger picture to the physician of a patient’s overall hormone balance.

In addition, urine is the only matrix and testing method known to accurately quantify primary estrogen levels, as well as secondary estrogen metabolites when monitoring estrogen therapy, as well as, phase 1 and 2 detoxification of estrogen. This feature alone, allows unparalleled assessment of estrogen levels, while monitoring the relative risk of estrogen-sensitive tissue damage.