Why Choose Physicians Lab?


Physicians Lab was created to serve two purposes: provide state-of-the-art science to the growing number of physicians focusing on preventive, functional and integrative medicine.

Advance Your Practice with Physicians Lab

Test Profiles: Physicians Lab’s testing profiles were created by physicians—for physicians—who were looking for a more consistent, reproducible and affordable way to measure hormones in patients before and during hormone therapies. Practitioners may choose from several hormone testing profiles to suit the needs of each practice and patient.

Easy-to-interpret Test Results – Breaking the “General Population” Mold: Most laboratory reference ranges are set to categorize 95 percent of the tested population as “normal”. In 2014, the accepted reference ranges for diabetes markers increased simply because the general population had a higher incidence of type II diabetes—not because higher levels became “normal” overnight. This analogy holds true for hormones that are referenced to the general population and bracketed by age as well. When assessing a patient’s hormones, comparing them to patients who may already be deficient can lead to frustration when symptoms don’t match the “norm”.

Physicians Lab uses target ranges (optimal ranges) based on patients with and without symptoms both before and during treatment to establish the optimal and sub-optimal ranges instead of reference ranges. These optimal ranges provide more latitude in treatments and have a higher correlation with patient symptoms.


R&D -At Physicians Lab we have an active research and development team that is constantly evaluating, researching and validating new laboratory assessments. Our scientific advisory board as well as our physician network of current providers offers invaluable feedback regarding new and innovative complementary testing.

Fully Automated Laboratory – Our laboratory is fully automated. This virtually eliminates manual errors that are frequently seen in most labs. With a laboratory staff focused on constant improvements in turnaround time, sample stability, research and new product development you can expect the highest level of quality lab testing, clinical outcome studies and a line of effective, useful tests that can easily be integrated into your practice.

There is service and then there are solutions. When it comes to customer service, Physicians Lab offers superior solutions. What does this mean to your practice?

  • Simple account activation
  • Online ordering and reviewing of test results
  • Physicians Lab ships the collection kits – no need to keep stock in the office or pre-purchase kits
  • Physicians Lab handles the billing – even insurance filing
  • Physicians Lab performs patient follow-up – we will ensure that testing is completed
  • Physicians Lab trains your staff and works with your practice

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