Offered Profiles

Urinary Comprehensive Hormone Profile

Physicians Lab’s testing profiles were created by physicians—for physicians—who were looking for a more consistent, reproducible and affordable way to measure hormones and their metabolites in patients before and during hormone therapies. Urine is the only matrix and testing method known to accurately quantify primary hormone levels, as well as secondary metabolites. This feature alone, allows unparalleled assessment of estrogen, androgen and corticosteroid levels. Assessment of these hormones are critical in both men and women and indicate some cancer risks that can be mitigated through therapy and lifestyle changes.

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Urinary Metabolic Performance Profiles

With a single urine sample, Physicians Lab is able to provide a personalized and precise metabolic assessment. Through our proprietary research-based algorithm, our report includes personalized nutraceutical recommendations based on a patient’s unique results. With a simple and easy to interpret report, Practitioners can identify deficiencies and aberrant metabolic pathways along with recommendations to guide a patient’s nutraceutical journey to optimized health and wellness.

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