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Common Clinical Findings Uncovered Through Urinary Metabolite Testing

By: Stacy Hinz, MS There are many reasons to use 24-hour comprehensive urinary testing in assessing hormones and metabolites in the steroidogenic pathways, but most practitioners choose comprehensive urinary hormone testing for the following reasons: Urinary hormones are a direct measurement of the active free hormone available to the tissue receptors. In serum, the amount… Read more »

Calculations to Diagnosis: The Artificial Intelligence Shift That’s Already Happening

Co-authored by Clifford Morris, PhD and Thomas Kent Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Technology moves only in one direction—forward. In general, the observation of this fact is welcome. After all, the ability to develop and apply technology is a defining aspect of our species. This fact becomes unwelcome when outcome-driven industries trade their lots for technological… Read more »

Hormonal and Dietary Approaches to Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

By: Clifford Morris, Ph.D. Chief Chemist and Research Scientist Introduction The largest failure of the biomedical research enterprise over the past 50 years has been its inability to adequately address Alzheimer’s disease. There are currently four FDA-approved medications for the relief of Alzheimer’s symptoms; three of which are acetylcholine esterase inhibitors, and the other is… Read more »

24-Hour Urinary Testing: The Difference Between Sick and Well

By: Catherine Chua, DO, FAAFP, FMNM, CPE (Certified Physician Executive) Chief Medical OfficerDavis Health SystemElkins, WV While attending courses during my Fellowship training, I distinctly remember an esteemed colleague asking the audience, “How many of you think that women develop a Prozac deficiency when they turn 35?”  We were all somewhat stunned at the question,… Read more »

New Patient Report: The Latest & Greatest

By: Stacy Hinz, MSDirector of Clinical Education Physicians Lab envisions bringing the highest level of clinical relevance and education to practitioners who see the value in personalizing medicine to each patient. We currently have a large number of educational videos, training documents, and one-on-one training opportunities. This year, we continue to focus on superior education… Read more »

Trouble With The Curve:  It’s Not Just a Movie

Trouble With The Curve:  It’s Not Just a Movie A practitioner’s approach to the cortisol curve  By: Benita Phillips, D.O.   How many times have you looked at a patient’s cortisol curve and said to yourself: “That just doesn’t make sense!”  And you think: “This person should feel fine…” Or the contrary: “How does this… Read more »

Implications of Flaxseed on Urinary Hormone Testing

Short Communication: Implications of Flaxseed on Urinary Hormone Testing By: Clifford Morris, Ph.D. Cand., Chief Chemist and Research Scientist   Flaxseed and Phytoestrogens Flaxseed is a powerful plant that has achieved massive interest, yet much of what people know about flaxseed is simply misunderstood. Flaxseed is a popular dietary source of lignans, which are a type… Read more »

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

The Role of CBD in Maintaining the Endocannabinoid System and HPA Axis Balance By: Clifford Morris, Ph.D. Cand., Chief Chemist and Research Scientist   In this article, we will shed light on the nebulous topic of cannabidiol (CBD), including the effects of CBD on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis, stress, and inflammation. The legalization of medical cannabis… Read more »